INTOXICATED Director’s Notes

Little more than a year ago, the prospect of staging one of my own plays here in Singapore wasn’t even anywhere in my head. Then I heard about the SPORE Art Salon, and in August 2011, I was the proud father of a play staged in Singapore. That night ended with me on a high, vowing to do that all over again soon.

The trouble with highs is that they wear off.

Months passed, and soon all sorts of Real Life stuff got in the way. The idea of staging something new fell by the wayside. I still hadn’t written anything new. It seemed that that one night in August 2011 would be destined to remain a one-time thing, something to look back on, perhaps with a tinge of regret that I didn’t get to follow up on it.

Then I got drunk at the company Christmas party. It’s strange where and when your muse finds you.

After that came an excruciatingly long process of writing, rewriting, read-throughs, workshops, and rehearsals that lasted far longer than anyone wanted. It certainly wasn’t for lack of trying, but that’s just how the chips fell. The planned show date had to be moved several times due to personal trips, work schedules, and a certain pop superstar’s major concert here in Singapore. (Curse you, Lady Gaga.) Still, despite the lengthy process, it was a lot of fun. It helped bond us together as a group, and we’ve gone through a lot of little in-jokes and silly little things that only we share. (Eurovision Run, anyone?)

The prospect of directing my own work has always been daunting. For All I Want, I had a blueprint from two previous stagings done by my friends. This time, however, I was starting from scratch. I knew from experience that there was a big difference between “director” and “dictator,” and I certainly didn’t want to become the latter. That inspired me to make this one a collaborative effort. I opened myself up to feedback and ideas from my cast and other people whose opinions I trusted, and it helped shape the play into what it is now. For that, I am ever grateful.

So here we are, nearly one year after my first staged play here in Singapore, putting up a second one. It’s been quite a trip, and I hope you enjoy what has come out of it.