More Reviews for “Take Me Out”

Here are a few more choice quotes and excerpts from various reviews for the play “Take Me Out,” produced in Singapore by Tim Garner Productions. (I play Rodriguez in said play.)

Jeremy Gopalan, Today:

(T)his bold, spirited and ambitious Singapore staging certainly doesn’t hold back. Take Me Out covers a lot more territory than you might expect, and the pleasures it offers are not merely voyeuristic…. The performances — solo and collectively — are robustly satisfying…. 4/5.

Leslie Ho, Element Magazine:

While the generous display of male nudity may attract its fair share of audiences and play a part in filling the seats. Audiences may find themselves leaving with more than what they signed up for…. the play is generally smooth and provides for a gratifying evening….

Jeremy, Buttons in the Bread:

(T)hanks to some spirited performances from a cohesive cast, this first production from Tim Garner Productions still scores a solid win, even if it doesn’t exactly hit it out of the ballpark. It’s nice to see a new company like this bursting onto the scene, and we look forward to greater things to come. Theatre fans rejoice, there’s a new kid in town.

culturepandemonium blog:

(I)t’s… a good thing that Tim Garner has brought this play to Singapore and doing it such great justice with a brilliant cast and superb direction….  You don’t need to know anything about baseball to love this play, and you certainly don’t need to be gay to find the script wonderfully engaging and find a place for your sympathies and confusion. The play is fresh and relevant for Singapore, and Tim Garner productions bring us new high quality theatre to the Singapore scene. And in the intimate theatres of DBS and Alliance Francaise, you do feel immersed in the action.

Corrie Tan, The Straits Times:

It is an engaging journey, even pleasurably intense at points…. The play stops just short of hitting it out of the ballpark, but there is still plenty to be enjoyed – and this includes a lovely array of beefcake on display.

Take Me Out runs 8-16 January 2014 at the DBS Arts Centre, and 18-31 January 2014 at Alliance Francaise Theatre. Tickets are available from SISTIC and Tim Garner Productions.